Cancellation and Refund Policy

The Customer is able to cancel services with us through the Serverloop Dashboard. The end date of your service(s) will be calculated according to your contract term and notice period. Customer will receive an automated cancellation confirmation stating the correct end dates. Cancellation is not finalized until the Customer have received a confirmation from Digivity. The Customer should always take into account the duration of his/her contract and the applicable notice period. The notice period for dedicated servers is 15 days before the next due date.

For Services offered on a monthly-basis period, a Customer has the right to cancel them at any time. No refund is offered in any kind of form (service credit, money, etc) for the remaining time, the Customer has the right to use their Services for the remaining paid period, after which, the Service is terminated. The only exception, where a Customer has the right for a refund in the form of money-back is if they request it within the first 15 days of the first month of Service activation, where their money are returned in full and the Service is terminated immediately. No refund in any kind of form (money-back, credit, etc) is offered to Customers who activated such Services and did not use them. Customers of such Services are eligible of Service Upgrade at any time. Service Downgrade is also allowed at the end of each paid Billing Cycle.

For Services offered through a proposal as a customized solution and have a minimum duration of twelve (12) months, no refund is offered in any kind of form, unless it is explicitly stated in the proposal and/or signed contract. Service Upgrade/Downgrade is subject to Proposal/Contract terms.

In the event of a Chargeback request from any of our financial organizations for unauthorized charge, Digivity shall suspend the relevant account and contact the Customer associated with this unauthorized charge immediately and shall ask for the relevant explanations, as well as validation documentation. If the Customer does not provide valid explanations and/or such documentation within 24 hours, or the provided documentation which is directly forwarded to the relevant financial organization is rejected, then Digivity shall terminate the Service immediately and shall return the associated charged amount to the Chargeback initiator.

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